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Події 2019
лютого 19 - 21.2019
WAM Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
The Grain Tech Expo in Kiev is the largest agro-industrial forum of Ukraine. The exhibiting companies will present innovative solutions in the various stages of production, storage, processing and transportation of grains, legumes and oil crops. Visitors to the Grain Tech Expo can find out detailed and comprehensive information on the latest developments, trends, services and products from the different areas. The exhibition brings together leading grain producers, machinery manufacturers, distributors and industry associations to exchange experiences in this special business event. The Grain Tech Expo will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 19. February to Thursday, 21. February 2019 in Kiev.

Grain Tech Expo
травня 14 - 17.2019
WAM Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
KyivBuild, the unique fully segmented international trade exhibition providing whole spectrum of technologies, materials, equipment and services for the whole building and construction industry starting from architect’s idea up to finishing of the interior, it brings together B2B audience 92% of whom are the buyers and specifiers coming from every region of Ukraine. It is the event for achieving sales growth, effective marketing, brand development, education and networking though its comprehensive business program. As an annual highly rated and professionally organised trade show, KievBuild is a place where decision makers and industry captains get direct access to bespoke ready-to-use solutions and state-of-the art novelty products, technologies and services. Being run at the best and the most conveniently located exhibition venue, it offers time-and-cost-effective networking opportunities to the industry through its tailor-made program of onsite conferences, presentations, seminars and round tables.

Kyiv Build Ukraine
GDPR 25 травня 2018 року у всіх країнах-членах ЄС набуває чинності новий Загальний Регламент про Захист Даних (GDPR). Будь ласка, перевірте, як ми привели нашу політику приватності у відповідність до європейського законодавства.

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